Ebay import tax & duties

LivingLargeBA said:
Another option, which I am in the middle of trying out right now, is to use an import agent. We're trying SkyBox (http://www.skybox.net/shopping_in_usa.aspx) at the moment. It is not cheap, and you may basically pay as much (or perhaps a little more) than you would pay for the same item here. They have a calculator on the website, to get a rough cost "estimate". The benefit is that you will be able to buy anywhere online (ebay, Amazon, etc.) and get the latest models. It also helps for big heavy items that you can't get here or easily carry on a plane. This is the first time we use the service and our package is still "in transit", so if you're interested I can let you know how it all turned out maybe in a week or so....

Just to follow up, we received our 90 lbs package from SkyBox. It took 10 days from the time they received it in Miami, until it was delivered to our doorstep here. They take care of paying customs, getting it released and delivered. The only hassle (aside from the high cost) was faxing them my ID and credit card when I signed up for the service.