Eeeenglish footie matches


Sep 1, 2006
Please can anybody tell me where there's a good pub to watch English footie matches in BA? We're looking for a good pub to watch the Man U v Arsenal match in on Sunday afternoon. Ideally not a million miles away from Palermo. Thanks ever so,
I doubt a pub will open at midday for the match. You might want to try Locos por el futbol, If not just watch it on foxsports. Either way I hope you will be cheering on the Gunners.
Thanks for the reply.
Absolutely I'll be cheering on my boys!! Come on you Gooners.
I'm unfortunately living a cavewoman existence at the moment with no access to TV. Is the pub chain you mentioned the one with a bar up by the cemetery in Recoleta? If so, I've already tried them. Any other ideas / gems of wisdom from anyone, please do let me know. Thanks.
You could try the Alamo Pub at Uruguay 1175 in Retiro. Closest subte station is Tribunales I believe and it's a bit of a walk over to Av Santa Fe and beyond. I used to go there to watch hockey games. Here's their site.
They have ways of getting what you need. Also cheap beer at certain times of the day besides lots of ex-pats to drink with.
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