El Arte del Robo


Jul 27, 2006
I just watched a great episode of "El Arte Del Robo" on F & A (Film and Arts) on Direct TV. It is the story of the theft of 16 paintings from the Museo Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires during the Dirty War. The scenes and description of life in Buenos Aires under the rule of the military junta were quite chilling.

The story follows attempts by those in possession of the stolen paintings to sell them, and the attempts by the authorities to recover and return the paintings to Argentina. Some of the paintings surfaced in Paris, and the street scenes of Paris will remind viewers why BA and Paris are sometimes compared, though BA's mishmash of old and new buildings is a far cry from the architectural "purity" of central Paris.

The one hour program will re-air tonight at 7PM and midnight.

I think most art and mystery lovers would enjoy the program.