Electricity & gas tariffs: where and how to register in order not to lose State subsidies


Jun 6, 2005
Just a comment . The billing period for EDESUR is 60 days , the KWH mentioned on the bill is for 60 days . Therefore the 400 KWH /per Month limit mentioned by Massa ( subject to subsidy), Would be half of the KWH amount on your on your electric bill . The amount that exceeds the 400 KWH limit will be subject to increases?
Yes....but to date this information is solely based on the following excerpt contained in the Clarin article.

....The increase in the price of electricity bills will include consumption of more than 400 kWh per month. This includes the four million households that will lose subsidies -because they did not register in the subsidy registry or declared "high income" so they can afford the costs- and another five million that will continue to receive state aid, but with a cap. Although Massa did not specify it, the subsidy would only be maintained by households with low consumption. In Buenos Aires, these are the tariff categories known as R1, R2 and R3 for electricity. The rest that have registered for subsidies will continue to have a base (of 400 kWh) at a lower price, but will have to face a higher cost for the rest of their consumption....