Electronics Store?


Jan 8, 2010

So I just got down here, and plugged my xbox 360 into what I thought was a power converter in my hotel room which promptly fried the socket and the converter. Stupid. I know.

Anyway is there any equivalent best buy sort of store down in BA? I think I just need to get a new power cord.

Thanks for the help!
You just got to a new exotic country, you brought an Xbox, and the first thing you did was plug it in? I am convinced that one was meant to fry ... a divine short circuit, it is known as.
If its an Xbox specific cord, its gonna be hard to find and expensive.

Try Galeria Jardin, on Calle Florida 537- its an indoor mall of many small electronic dealers, with lots of stuff in one place, and the best prices on the no name, off brand, and slightly questionable- which is usually your only choice, except for the double priced legally imported stuff at the big stores.
They will have every cord, transformer, and power supply you can imagine.
Parana between Rivadavia and Corrientes (and that rea) has dozens of electronics places, including many which do nothing but sell tranformers and adapters.
Try these guys:

They specialize in video game consoles and accessories. They have 2 stores too, one in micro and one in belgrano.
Best Buy may be cheaper than here Lee but its a rip off for US standards.

I miss newegg and amazon most. :D
Galeria Jardin for sure. There are a couple places in there that specialize only in electric converters, etc. Its possible to get a lemon, so see what their return policy is. I think Galeria Jardin is on Florida y Lavalle.

As far as Best Buy, closest I have seen is Falabella, which is sort of Best Buy, plus Bed Bath and Beyond with a little Cost Plus - its decent enough. Also on Florida - there are three of them, each with a different set of stuff.

Otherwise, there are mini Best Buys all over the place. We bought some stuff (blender, fan, juicer, etc.) at the corner of Larrea and Santa Fe. Also a lot on Florida and in Caballito.