English language clubs for young children

Rick Rogers

Feb 26, 2009
Hi Everyone,

I'm Rick, originally from the UK, who's arrived in Buenos Aires with my Italian wife and our 18 month old daughter, Sophia. I've spent the last 10 years in Italy teaching English, but for now I'm enjoying being a student and learning Spanish at the UBA in Recoleta.

I'm interested in knowing if anyone knows about any English language clubs for young children which are actually run by people who are native English speakers? I'd like my daughter to meet up with other kids who speak English and have English mother tongue parents.

It seems like all of the creches and kindergartens in BA advertise that they are bilingual but the staff are never mother tongue English speakers.

Anyone got any advice for me? I live in Recoleta.

If no such groups exist then I'd be keen at looking to organise informal get togethers for the kids to stay together in a real English speaking environment.

Thanks, Rick Rogers
Hi Rick
I've just got here with my 11mth old, we're desperate too to find somehwere to meet other children. Did yo find anywhere?
Please let me know if you did...THere is a place called planet juego, but its not somehwere you could go more than once a week, we are in palermo chico and from England, if you do know of anything please let me know...