english-speaking ob/gyn recommendation?


Aug 20, 2008
Hello! I'm 12 weeks pregnant for the first time, recently moved to Buenos Aires, and looking for a good female ob/gyn, ideally fluent in English. We just went to our first appointment with a doctor who was very nice but spoke hardly any english. I'd feel more comfortable with one fluent in English, perhaps associated with the Clinica Suizo? If anyone has had a good experience, we'd love to get a recommendation!
try Dr F. Leguizamon - Ayachucho 968 1B - tel: 4961-7870
He speaks perfect english - studied in the US.
He might not be on your plan and also he specialises in high risk pregancies - but he might know a collegue that speaks english to refer you.
congratulations! also - ...almost forgot
Congrats too!
Make sure you are happy with their ethos. I didn't ask many questions & found out too late that my ob-gyn and me had different ideas. She tried to schedule me a c-section even before my due date (!!) even though she knew I wanted a drug-free natural delivery and we fought over how late she would let me go. It was so stressful. I was told by my midwife that 98% of women at my hospital have c-sections - Eugh!