Swiss Medical - Gyn - English Speaking?


Jan 2, 2007
Does anyone with Swiss Med have an English-speaking gyn that they recommend? I can get by in Spanish but for medical issues, prefer to be able to ask questions in English.

The Swiss Med guide doesn't list the languages the doctors speak.

Thanks all!
i would say you can probably get a fair amount of gyns to talk english since
it is common practice that specialists have had to do a good amount of their studies by english books and also they attend or present white papers in english everytime they attend int´l conferences.

i can suggest that you only call the office and ask on an individual basis.

good luck
Hi there,

I don't know about Swiss Medical but I go to Hospital Aleman (pretty much next door) and they have quite a few gyns who speak good english. Hope this helps! Good luck!
Thanks Petra but as I have Swiss Medical, I need to go to one of their doctors.

I am hoping for a recommendation - I don't just want to call a random doctor if at all possible.

I guess worst case, I will just go to their center and hope for the best.
I don't know if she is on your plan...but Dra. Bernardino is great...young, smart, speaks English.

Clinica de la Mujer
Av. Libertador 16.606 / San Isidro
Tel: 4742-0205 / 4743-7855
citygirl, did you ever find a great swissmed gyno? I'm trying to find one myself now, It doesn't matter to me whether it's a man or a woman, after so many problem appts my modesty has been shattered. english would be great but I'm fine with doing the appointment in spanish.