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Mendozanow, I think that its not very fair to say that companies like this "pray on people's hopes and dreams". I acutally have taken a TEFL course and it was a 120 hour course, and it was great and allowed me to teach English in Buenos Aires. It is important for people to do their research and talk to friends/contacts about TEFL courses in order to find out which are the real deal and which are not.

The site i put does have a great blog, which offers advice on teaching English in Buenos Aires, and a lot of other aspects about living in Argentina. The company is very ligit and I know it to a great place to get a TEFL course.

Again, I agree everyone should do their research, but I do think there are a lot of very worth TEFL institutes out there that produce very good English teachers in the end.

mendozanow said:
liamjob, check this thread, which has various good advice.


Of course, it is good to hook up for some face-to-face with those who have gone thru it. Kudos to those who have offered to meet with you, as that is invaluable.

jaykay, while it is true that I have not taken a TEFL course here, I have talked to several fellow teachers who have, some of whom have taken one with you. It is the basis of my unbiased opinion, though I might be wrong. To "do your homework" means talking to people who have taken the course without being referred by the institute, not reading advertising hyperbole such as:

"Our month-long, 120+ hour, intensive program will provide you with all the necessary skills to begin your career as a professional TEFL teacher with confidence; and our TEFL/TESOL certificate will enable you to find employment throughout the world."

Businesses such as yours often prey on people's hopes and good intentions.