English tv/radio stations


Jun 17, 2007
I wonder if anyone can offer some help. I would like to get a placement at an English speaking television channel or radio station in Buenos Aires. Does one exist? I am having trouble finding anything on the internet, so was just hoping someone would know of one. Currently in England, so bit tricky to find one!
Looking forward to any replies,
Hello pidgekatz,
The only English spaking radio station in Buenos Aires (that I know of) is 97.1 FM "Radio Europa", which only re-transmits the BBC World Service in the evenings, and Radio France in the early morning until midday. They have been trying to get sponsorship for over a year now, to no avail.
Take a look at the bottom of the following report for a basic idea of what the Argentinian media looks like.
I hope this helps.
Thank you so much Ernie, that's really useful!
So, there is no tv channel that you know of that broadcasts any English programmes, or makes tv for the expat community? I would try to get a placement at a Spanish-speaking company, however my Spanish is poor and I want to improve while i'm on the placement before launching into the land of miscommunication - quite important considering I want to work in the media(!)
Let me know if anything springs to mind,
cheers, pidgekatz
Hello pidgekatz,
I am not aware of any TV channel producing contents for expats. The Anglo-Argentine community if way too small for that to happen. Of course, there are many international production companies (MTV Networks, Turner, Endemol and so on) but they produce programming in Spanish for either the local or the Latin American Market. There is a rather healthy advertising production activity here. Actually, about 60% of the local production activity is for markets other than our own, including but not limited to the US, UK, Sweden, The Netherlands, Mexico and so on.