Entertainment in the Form of Beatles Songs


Nov 24, 2009

If you're free tomorrow night (Sunday 13-12) come out to San Telmo to hear some good live music. I'm playing with a touring guitarist (he's on a break) at Nefertiti in la Plaza Dorrego. I'll be playing originals and covers of mostly American and British rock (Beatles, Coldplay, Counting Crows, Jack Johnson, Oasis, etc.).

Here's an idea of what it will sound like: www.myspace.com/brontennisbass.
Asi es el boliche: www.nefertitirestobar.com.ar

Sorry to be such a shameless self promoter ;) but these shows are pretty fun. I work at a youth hostel so there is usually a good group of internationals. I'm working my way toward full-time musicianship (I'm about halfway there) and it's largely thanks to the support of internationals who miss the great music from back home.

This Sunday, December 13, 8pm
Nefertiti, Humberto Primo 420, San Telmo (in la Plaza Dorrego)
Bron Tennis, featuring Jamie Payne (myspace.com/jamiepaynemusic)

Hope to see you there,

Love the Jack Johnson music! you sound terrific. please keep me up on your play dates so I can come and hear you. I will miss your gig tomorrow night though...previous plans. if they change we are there!
If you like Beatles, check out Bossa and Beatles(by Lee?). Bossa and Stones, Marley,, and Guns & Roses are also good.