EURO 2008 - Good places to watch...


Oct 2, 2007
Hi there,
since there are no public viewings we can join here ;-) we were wondering whether anyone can share a great place to watch the Euro 2008 games???
An alle Deutschen da draussen: Sagt Bescheid wo Ihr guckt, damit wir zusammen anfeuern können :)
Looking forward to your adds,
I'd be up for watching some games together.. watching the opening game right now(!), and even though denmark is not in Euro (so I might be biased) I still think it is more interesting to watch the game more people together..
I live downtown, near plaza san martin, and we could easily see some games here, just be aware my TV aint that big.
Alternately, doesnt anybody know of some bars where they show the games?
Hey,I'd love to watch some games with you guys. I don't have a tv and I just moved here, so I don't know of any bars either. My boyfriend's one of those rare argies who hates football, so no help from him either. And Kasper, since denmark's not participating maybe you'd be willing to cheer for sweden with me?
Hi again,
wow, didnt know that those existed :) but sounds good with meeting up and watching some games, but since I work weekdays, it is more of a weekend option for me, unless anyone knows if they resend the games in the evenings..?
Regarding cheering for sweden I am up for that, although it is getting to be a bad habbit that we have to cheer for sweden becasue denmark fails to qualify again and again :)
Actually, sweden plays Spain (prob the best game in that group) next saturday at 1pm, so we could as a minimum decide to meet up and watch that one?
Nobody else interested in euro2008?? Come on people, I mean I know Denmark is not in, so naturally interest is low, but there are still a few other good teams...
Yep interested in watching some games too. England havent made it so am going to support Spain. Cheers.
Hello again,My sister's here visiting and we decided to go to Locos x el fútbol, in Recoleta tomorrow to watch the Sweden - Spain game. If anyone wants to join us, you´re more than welcome!!Keep your eyes open for two Swedish speaking tall girls or suggest a meeting point. X
Anyone having a few beers while watching the Final on Sunday? Where will everyone be? Any German bars?
Locos por el futbol was packed with Germans yesterday and it will for sure be on Sunday. We already made a reservation for a table. There might also be other places but the above is a save bet.
C u there?
"Anyone having a few beers while watching the Final on Sunday? Where will everyone be? Any German bars?"
While not really a "German bar", El Alamo (on Uruguay b/n Santa Fe and Arenales) has seen a group of German expats between the ages of 18 and 30+ expanding with each game. I was there for a little while during the quarterfinal game and there were about 20 people.
No reservation is needed and you aren't required to spend a minimum of ~AR$60-80 like at Locos Para Futbol.
The TVs are as big as Locos, but you're a lot closer to them, so it doesn't matter so much.
Hi Jedi, yeah we live just around the corner from Locos Para Football so will be in there. Don't have a reservation so will see where we can get. Cheers