European guy moving to BA


May 22, 2006
Hi all,
Just stumbled upon this site today in doing research for my upcoming move. I am originally from Europe but have spent the last three years pursuing the American dream and found that for me it doesn't exist.
In speaking to my boss about my desire to leave the US, the option of a position in Argentina came up. I went there for two weeks back in November and liked it very much. I already have good Argentine friends there from our office in BA. Now, I know that some of the things I was disappointed about in USA will in fact be worse in BA. I am thinking about the bureacracy of dealing with banks, government and other "official institutions" that you can't live without.
That being said, I have weighed the positives and the negatives and I am determined to make my move. My new position will be a manager position and a promotion which will be excellent on my resume' if/when I decide to move back to Europe at some point. Fact is, I am not ready to go back to Europe yet and after traveling extensively in Latin America during vacations these past 3 years, I feel this part of the world has a lot more to offer me before even considering going back to Europe.
At this moment I have an offer letter from my company ready for signature. Since I am not a US resident, this is considered a permanent relocation so the position offered will be with local terms and salary paid in pesos. The offer I have seems to be fair, but I do have a few concerns that I hope someone here can help me address.
I'm aware that especially for furniture I can get better deals in BA but when I left Europe three years ago I brought only two suitcases with me to USA. As I expected to settle down in USA, everything I bought since has been with the expectation of keeping it and I do not want to sell out everything again. So, costly or not I will bring a lot of personal belongings. Also, I don't have the option of leaving some of the stuff in the US and why would I? My family in Europe don't have room for my stuff and since I don't know when I will be going to live there again, I don't consider that a viable option either.
1) I have heard there is some kind of allowance of how many of my personal belongings I can bring into the country without paying import duties. Anyone have a take on that? I have contacted the local consulate but to no avail.
2) My company will pay for all visa and attorney fees and have agreed to put the guarantee for an apartment. Assuming the guarantee is taken care of, what kind of deposit and rent should I be prepared to pay before moving in? Deposit and first/last months rent or something additional?
3) Any suggestions for companies to use for moving my stuff from USA to ARG?
I think that's all for now, look forward to hearing your comments
HiRegarding parts of question #3 The normal thing that happens here is that the inmobilaria that lists the apartment/house takes a months rent for commision, some charge upto three months rent as commision. Then you give the owner a deposit of one months rent which you'll get repaid assuming that the place is in the same condition as it was when you moved in once your contract expires and you move out then you pay the owner a month in advance and you're all ready to move in.To sum it upInmobilaria Commision: 1-3 months rent
Deposit held by owner: 1 months rent
Rent paid in advance: 1 month
Most rental contracts in Buenos Aires are for 24 months.Best of luck