Everything About Sending Money Out Of Argentina


I managed to sell my Condo en Cordoba but the "gestiones" took too long and I had to bail Argentina after 3 weeks there. Work was calling me. The funds can be wired indeed with no real limits on the amount.

Now I was not present when the Sale happened which complicated things badly. If you give the "Poder" to someone to complete the sale of a property, make sure the "escribana" specifies that the individual can manage and wire those funds with your permission. That was an oversight on the "escribana" We had to deposit the $$ en Pesos.
TonyDiaz.....thank you for the follow-up post. Very useful information re: power of attorney.
Why did you have to deposit $$ in Pesos?
Which ARG bank did you use to wire the funds to the US?
I'm planning to sell my depto in Bs. As and trying to figure out how to transfer money to the US.
As pointed above, it looks that in theory the things are much easier now.
However, the procedure is not very clear.
I went to my Banco Nacion and was told they can't do it (verbatim: "mucho lio") and suggested to go to a private bank
Now the question is which private bank ? Rio, HSBC , BBV , Galicia ? How much do they charge ?
What will be the procedure and what docs I'll need. Do they all know how to do it, or it's better to open an account at some specific branch ?
Also when opening a banking account they ask if I'm a foreign resident. I think I can qualify as either resident or not.
What are the implications of declaring myself as foreign resident ?
Here are some documents I found:
- https://www.santanderrio.com.ar/ban...r-y-transferir/transferencias/internacionales
It mentions only "transferencias por servicios " and "transferencias por Ayuda Familiar " (limited to small monthly amount)
- HSBC has a word document : www.hsbc.com.ar/ar/pdf/cmb/CI_EgresosA4.doc
that has a section "DDJJ para NO RESIDENTES en la República Argentina" that mentions some monthly limit

Please share your knowledge and experience.