Expat Action


Firstly to Emplanada access to my own money is a right, the banks do not own it I do, and if they do not allow me access then it is my right to move it elsewhere.You are right I do not own the cash machines but where I live the banks must surrender my money to me on demand,(with reasonable notice), That is the Law.
I have been intouch with Visa UK who say they can do nothing, but put me intouch with Visa international. They say that they are unable to effect what goes on in another country (yeh right) but anyway they have told me that they will send emergency cash via western mail if I call them freephone 0800 6660171.
I am still in UK at the moment and when I come next month I will bring enough money for a month or two, but if anyone wants to try this let me know how you get on, they never said how much they would charge, so I still do not know if this is a viable alternative.


tangobob, pay no mind to elpanda he always makes pointless twatty comments.
if you use HSBC Direct Debit in the HSBC ATM here - there is NO transaction charges. HSBC UK (or US)-DD-HSBC AR - limit is £300 a day same as UK or $600 US.
If you use VISA cash advance it will cost you fees 3% of withdrawal and interest.
Jedard, I would say choose the bank that suits your needs - embassies will do nothing.