ExPat Women -- Dinner Sunday Night

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Feb 28, 2009
Hi ladies,

This message follows from an earlier thread, which was "Hoping to Make Some Female Friends." Many women in the 20s, 30s, and 40s, including both singles and not-singles, responded enthusiastically. The group had a great meeting in early April.

Kate, Emma, and I have decided our next dinner will be this Sunday, April 19.

What: dinner for ex-pat women
All Welcome

Where: Tandoor Restaurant (Indian food in Barrio Norte)
Laprida 1293 (between Charcas y Mansilla)

Idea: This is a voluntary social gathering. Guests can order drinks and food of their own choosing. The menu is available here: http://www.tandoor.com.ar/carta.htm.

When: Sunday, April 19 at 8 pm

RSVP: On this thread, or reply to Jenn via private message.
We simply want RSVPs to make sure we can reserve a table big enough to accommodate the group.
Please RSVP by noon on Sunday, April 17.

Jenn, Emma, and Katie
Sounds like a great idea but can I have some idea of the prices for a main course please?

Thanks in advance

This restaurant was recommended by Kate, another woman organizing the dinner.

I just called them-- they said the price for a main course ranges from $27 pesos to $40 pesos, depending on the dish. They said that a person ordering an entrada (appetizer), main course, and dessert, can expect to pay $60 pesos.

We are not requiring that anyone who attends the dinner spend a certain amount of money, nor orders a certain amount of food.

~ Jenn
If it's not too late to rsvp, I'd love to join you tomorrow night for dinner.
It says:

What: dinner for ex-pat women
All Welcome

Does that mean that all women are welcome or are male partners also allowed?

Hi Michelle,

There aren't any hard-and-fast rules to this "expat women's thing"-- the dinners grew out of an earlier thread on this forum, where a woman posted that she wanted to make some female friends.

I will say that, at the last dinner, the women who attended did not bring their partners-- which is not to say that partners are not invited. I really think these gatherings will be what people make of them!

So, it's really up to you! Just let me know, so I can adjust the reservation accordingly.

~ Jenn
Hi All, Moving to BA in January 2010. Taking a flat in Belgrano. Would love to be included in the dinner schedule for future gatherings.

Thank you,

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