In Spain, locals get much cheaper internal flights than tourists. I can't remember if its a government subsidy that tourists obviously don't qualify for, a national right associated with national carriers or just a policy decision of the carrier to incentivise locals to take more domestic flights. Anyway, to be honest I don't care. If you're a tourist in this country, don't expect to pay the local price. If you're not a tourist, get residence status.Either way, stop whingeing. Nobody likes a moaning racist.


Fishface - my post was not directed at you, I took exception to this:
"But as we know, Argentines are the greediest people there are and if
they can find a way to screw someone over, they certainly will."I found this racist and offensive. As were his other comments in other posts about argetines constantly "raping and cheating", and their tendency to "go dizzy in the face of the dollar" and "sell their monthers for 100 pesos"Crude, ugly and racist.This is a beautiful country, not without its problems but the tone of this board isn't exactly lifted by idiotic ugly comments like these.


Ronnyjob: derogatory comments about Argentines may be "crude" and "ugly", but they're not racist -- unless the writer's not Caucasian. My own experience of both Bs.As. and the country has been so different that I'm keen to know the writers' bases for believing what they express; I've begun to wonder if my experience has been colored by the delight that any visitor typically enjoys (I've never spent more than two months at a time in Buenos Aires).


"ronnyjob" said:
"But as we know, Argentines are the greediest people there are and if they can find a way to screw someone over, they certainly will."I found this racist...
It's not. Your own post, however, shows a rather profound ignorance of what "race" is.


Jesus wept. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RacismSorry to burst your bubble, but making crude ugly statements based on nationality qualifies as racism. Do some homework kid.


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I sent you a private message, but after reading your full reply I think it is proper I answer so everyone can see your total ignorance.
1/ let me say if you have such a problem with this country, shut up, pack up and go home, given that they did not ask you to leave that place.
2/ When I put any words here int this forum it is honest, correct and meant to help others ( like yourself ) I do not have much, other than my good name and my credibliity.
3/ I see you have not even called Mr. Celano, so how could you even think of offering a reply let alone any suggestions.
4/ Mr. Celano became my friend after he performed his work since we provided the same kind of service, albeit in different countries.
5/ Mr. Celano to my knowledge has never ripped anyone for $2000.00 or anywhere near that figure. Contrary to your misquided thougths there are still honest working people out there in this world and indeed in Argentina.
6/ Getting a DNI thru Mr Celano is not difficult as you point out. Yes it is difficult if you are going it alone or have a lawyer who does not understand the system. Mr. Celano obtained my visa and my DNI for me. Let me say it is far easier for any lawyer here to get either of these for an American or other than a Canadian. Just like in the USA. It is almost impossible to obtain that good old green card there for a CDN.
7/ Sounds like your life would be so much more fullfilled if you took the time to get a DNI, a CUIL and other proper, legal and necessary documents to live here. Life is so much more enjoyable.
Finally,I am not touting Mr. Celano. I thought I could share something with all of you that is really good, getting your proper and legal documents without a hasssle and without giving up your right arm.
You proved me wrong and from the sounds of most of your input here on this forum, you feel you speak for everyone.
my best regards to you

@jeddard - contrary to popular belief a DNI is not that easy to get and neither God or Mr Celano can pluck one from the sky if you don't meet the criteria. And even if you do its such a pain in the a$$ - they make it sooo difficult for no good reason. I guess everybody is hanging around for the next amnesty - then US$2000 to a lawyer will seem steep! (no wonder he's your best friend ;-p) forget about the price hike on flights.


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ronnyjob (or whatever it is)I do not believe my comments have ANYTHING to do with racism. So are you also saying that Argentines who overwhelmingly in every survey conducted, dislike the U.S. So are Argentines racist regarding the U.S. in your view?In the end, your comment holds no significance to me so you can call me whatever you want. Thats my opinion and I will express it. In the future if you see a comment posted by me, just ignore it like I will ignore you. Enjoy your day.


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Hello everyone:
I wonder if I may make a comment on just why Argentines feel the way they do about Americans, Spain and Portugal and the English in General.
I am sure not every Argentine has the love/hate relationship at heart. But rest assured it is alive and still festering. I myself shared many of the same feelings expressed here-in until I read and re-read the book by Eduardo Galeano, "Open Viens of Latin America." This covers 5 centuries of pillage of a continent.
Mr. Galeano is a well known political journalist from Uruguay. He has also been internationally acclaimed for his many books over the years on these subjects.
He has more first hand knowledge of Latin America than anybody alive and he uses it to tell the world of the dreams and disillusions, the hopes and the failures of its people.

To really appreciate why the Argentine people and more so the people of Latin America feel about us as they do, as a result of the genocide, the cruelty, the abuse and the exploitation exerted upon them through those 5 centuries and continues to this day. I would urge you to buy this book and read it. You will not be able to put it down.
So perhaps we are guilty of passing unkind, untrue and unnecessary judgement on a very humble people. Once last word, Uncle Sam is still raping this country as I write these words. Just take a very indepth look at this company, Anderson, Clayton, Grace.
Do they have a right to be angry, suspicious or nasty?
You be the judge, but here this is there country and not ours. If we do not like how they run things, let us shut up, pack up and leave.