Jedard, while I think most people will agree that Latin America has been exploited for centuries, first by the Spanish and then by their successors. Castro, Hugo, the Kirchners and others of the same ilk use this to help keep their grip on power without really doing much to relieve the problem. Their prescriptions for the problems are usually worse than the disease and in the end make the plight of the poor even worse.You state in your post that Uncle Sam is still putting it to the poor Argentines. You mention some company which I've never heard of. Perhaps you could enlighten us. Sounds like another evil empire conspiracy theory to me. Write back with more info it may make an entertaining topic on the site.


While I do not have rose coloured glasses about Argentina to say that this country is more corrupt than USA is a bit rich . Its amazing how short people memories are do we not remember Iraq and the weapons of mass destruction that were touted by the American government as gospel truth , We have 1 million deaths a destruction of a proud ancient culture and worlld wide inflation as a cause.
In regards to Argentine business practises while in many ways they are archaic that does not mean that there are not some absolutely great people here who will help you for little return. I get tired hearing that USA or other societies are this and that when we are in Argentina.
Love it or hate it we live here and we can move as well . We all have choices.
The actual topic is about the unfair airline practices in Argentina. THIS IS WAY OFF TOPIC..As usual some individuals blow up and it becomes a post for racism, how "wonderful" the Argentines are, corrupt U.S. business practices and weapons of mass destuction.Give me a break.


While I agree with all the posters here who have complained about this practise about charging non residents double for tickets . It has affected me many times in the past especially when my family visited last year and we paid outrageous airfares travelling to Patagonia. I fully support all actions to change this discrimatory practice.
Saying that I do not agree with the posters who use these forums to overtly attack Argentine people for faults that are not theirs. I am sure I am not the only one who feels that some comments here are bordering on rascism . While I understand your frustations about living in Buenos Aires as a foreign resident we must try to understand that this is a different culture with faults like most cultures.
If you feel strongly about something why not get a petition together and collect signatures . Also you can choose not to fly Aerolineas Argentinas . The long distance cama buses are IMHO the worlds best and very cheap to boot.
Oh here we go again. The word racism is thrown around like an old penny. Everyone who disagrees with someone else is labeled a racist. Well if thats what you want to call me/it, then so be it. I could actually care less what you think. Most people actually are racist in some form or another although no one would EVER admit it. Sorry for being honest and expressing my opinion. Thats what I thought this board was for....venting frustration at issues that affect foreigners here. Let's see, I love that catch-all "solution" of getting a petition. Now as I see it, if the farmers can't get their way, how the Hell do you think this would be resolved? Wake up and smell the horrible coffee.Now if I say there are definitely some kooks on this board, is that a racist comment?I don't know what nationality they are but if it makes anyone feel better, I am American and believe that half of the U.S. population are complete idiots. So am I a racist against my own people?I will continue to post my opinions on here as long as I am not banned from doing so.I do not attack anyone individually. You know who you are. If you don't like my posts, then don't read them. Pretty simple really.


"ronnyjob" said:
Jesus wept. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RacismSorry to burst your bubble, but making crude ugly statements based on nationality qualifies as racism. Do some homework kid.
Yeah, Jesus wept alright. He wept for those who use Wikipedia as some sort of authoritative reference (known as "stupidism").
Now let's look at a broader, more authoritative set of definitions...


Flights originating from Buenos Aires to the States used to me more expensive than if they originated in the States. It was like a 20% difference. I don't know if that is still the case.



I have today conversed with Mr. Celano.
He has not talked with you. He has not given you anything in writing. He has never given anything in writing to anyone concerning his costs. He does not nor has he ever charged $2000.00 for a DNI.
What 2 grand will get you tho is your visa and your DNI in just under 40 days.
So Mr. Fishface, I can garne from all of your input on this forum that besides being a big mouthed Bull shitter, you are also a liar.
I mentioned Mr. Celano to try and help many who come here and get ripped off, turned off or otherwise fed up with the system in obtaining a Visa or DNI. I have nada to gain. Just thought I might make life easier for all of you who dont have the legal papers. As said, your stay here in this beautiful country will be much easier and a hell of a lot happier.

But you Americans seem to still have the idea that everyone else and there system is wrong. Just look at this forum. It went from airfares to nowhere.
As for anyone who wants to learn more about Latin America and in particular Argentina, then once more buy and read and re-read, Open Viens of Latin America. In that book you will learn just what companies still jerk the reins here and in all of Latin America.
As for you Fishface, go home. If you ever uttered some of the things you print here on the streeet to an Argentine your life would be in jeapordy. Shame on you. Pack up and go home you sniveling retched person. Or can you go back?
I sign off this forum now because it has gotten to the point where some of you have become dangerous. You cannot correct your own affairs back in USA and you come here and want to change things without any background as to why they have such a hatred for Americans. Read the book and then hold a party to discuss what your proud ancestors have perpetrated against these people.
Have any of you ever heard of Plan Condor, Plan Mcnamara or Plan Brady, I'll be you have not. As a result of reading these I have chosen to sit back and enjoy these people and this country.
By the way BA is no different than New York, Chicago or any other USA large city for crime, kidnappings and especially child molesters, which you dont see here.
To all of you I wish the best and may you all have a safe life here or wherever you may find yourselves.
Joe Dennie[

Jeddard - you make assupmtions in each of your points.
I can't be bothered arguing - you are obviously a righteous man.
Mr. Celano - quoted USD$2000 to me - I have it writing.
Humble apologies for my total ignorance.


"VMSmith" said:
Yeah, Jesus wept alright. He wept for those who use Wikipedia as some sort of authoritative reference (known as "stupidism").
Now let's look at a broader, more authoritative set of definitions...
Are you actually making an effort to appear stupid?
First off, your authoritative collection of web based definitions of racism incorporates the common legally accepted definition of racism which is prejudice based on race or ethnicity - which includes nationality. Kind of invalidates your point a little bucko, but hey, given my "profound ignorance" maybe I'm missing something...
Secondly, had you bothered to read the wiki-link, you would have found the accepted UN definition of racism - the globally agreed standard. But then given that wikilinks are "stupidism" I guess someone of your masterful intellect has no need for referenced links covering accepted legal definitions. Not when there are google crawlers anyway.

Anyway, enough. If you want to wear your ignorance and bigotry as a badge of honour, good luck to you.

rmartin - if you want to make crude generalisations based on race or ethnicity you can expect be called racist. Simple as. If you don't like it, don't do it. Whingeing about Hitler comparisons just makes you look even more pathetic.

Anyway, sun is shining, its a beautiful winters day in Buenos Aires and I'm going to enjoy the company of my friends and colleagues, and do something more productive than argue with narrow minded bigots and pedants.