Expats still here after five years?


I am here 4 years since the 6th of April. Me and my wife celebrated our 4th year together as a couple here last wednesday. I came to stay for 9 months. I must say I am here because of my wife now I wouldnt be here for my love of BA anymore. I fell out of love with BA about two years ago. The city I like but the people here drive my crazy and I mean porteños not Argentines. I come from Ireland and we have a very high level of manners generally. They do not observe personal space( I lived in London for 10 years and didnt experience this problem).Forget it if you expect somebody to say excuse me after banging into you are thanks for anything.They are so arrogant but deep down in emotional turmoil. I have to ignore it all the time or I would be angry all the time. I think its the country for me to when we have enough money to move. So sorry to put clouds on the sunny comments but another perspective is needed. I do however find Argentines from other parts of the country to be more mannerly.


here since 1994!!!... while menem was president and international investment was growing; optimism in the air; privatizations of public companies....went through the excitement of the dotcom boom/bust, the fall of de la rua, the beginning optimism of kirchner, the current mess

i was making dollars in 2001, and so after the devaluation-- as i could not believe how cheap it was here-- my friends and I hopped around to tons of top restaurants figuring that this will be the only opportunity to enjoy a top restaurant on the cheap, took taxis everywhere, went to 5 star hotel gyms...now i am back to buses and subways--and i cook a lot!


7 Years of a Love/Hate relationship. Fortunately when the hate meter gets to the red zone, we can bail out for awhile. Not a fan of K or where I see her leading the country and have some serious doubts about the future of Argentina.
But then, I am having some serious doubts about anywhere on the planet.


I guess that makes me one of the old timers... i actually have been here since 1972 but between then and 86 i lived in many different countries until i ended up here.

They way to keep your finance safe in argentina is don't invest here except long term property which always goes up eventually Keep as little in local accounts as you have to to function and keep everything else either out of here or in a 50-50 mix between euro and dollars and when it gets worse you will have protected yourself as best as you can