Expired Tourist Visa


May 3, 2009
Just wondering if anyone has anything to say about the subject...

I have been in Buenos Aires for more than 2 years, on a tourist visa, and have left and/or gone to immigrations every time i had to renew my visa.

My visa expired in September/09 and i was unable to go to immigrations as i was really sick. So i am here illegally and leave the country this week to visit my family back home, with an air ticket to return in three weeks.

Most people have told me that you have to go to immigrations in the airport, pay the fee, and you can leave and re-enter with no problems. However, im still nervous about the whole process, as I HAVE to return to BA in three weeks, and am wondering if anyone has any info. Preferably positive.................!
The odds are fairly high that you will be fine. 1 overstay probably won't cause you any problems.

Just go early to the airport as you will have to pay the fine before you can check in for your flight and depending on how many people are there paying (I would guess a lot this time of year), the process can take a while.
Actually, had you gone to migraciones they might not have renewed your tourist visa this time (read Ashley's post: clamping down on perma-tourists) , but I haven't heard about anyone being denied reentry after leaving the country, even the same day. Coming back three weeks later should be a breeze...at least until they start enforcing the immigration laws at the border as well and only allow foreigners to be in Argentina a maximum of six months per year unless they have a resident visa.


I've found valuable info on paying the overstay fee of $300 at Ezeiza. Has anyone paid it at Newbery?
Had a simliar thing happen a few months back. My girlfriend had overstayed her visa by one day and we hadn't realised. There were no issues with paying the fine and coming back into the country two weeks later, but paying the fine in the airport with a flight to catch was very stressful - cash machines not working, massive queues to pay fine, queue up in the bank and then clear security and passport control the 2nd time round...

I wouldn't worry too much about getting back into the country, but leave plenty of time to pay the fine at the airport if thats where you choose to do it.

Thanks for all the tips - that makes me feel much more at ease with my departure and return :) One more thing... to get a little in detail.... are we talking an hour wait for immigrations/banks, etc... or are we talking i should show up four hours before??

It all depends - there is no easy answer. But at this time of the year, you'll probably have a lot of people traveling for the holidays so there may be a lot of people paying that overdue visa fine. And also a LONG line clearing customs, immigrations, etc.

If your flight is leaving in the evening (most int'l flights due), I would plan on arriving at least 3 hours before your flight. You may get through with everything in an hour but it could easily take 2 hours.
Hi, My son has been living in Argentina and his tourist visa has expired. He is actually in the process of getting a work visa. We just sent the paperwork to do his criminal background check off. The problem is that this may take 2 months and then we have to send it to the FBI to get the "apostle" sp? seal and then back to Argentina. His brother is getting married at the end of March. If he leaves Argentina for about 2 weeks, will he be able to get back in since he let his tourist visa expire?