exploring my options


Mar 17, 2008
Hello I currently live just south of Detroit, Michigan. I work at Ford Motor and we (my wife and kids) are considering a buyout and moving to B. A. we have family in the city. As of yet I have not signed any papers but have untill 3-18-2008 to sign up. I have a few questions, how is the health care? I recently had a heart attack but feel great. How is life in Belgrano? We will be staying and working there. What kind of business opportunitys are hot? Just how safe are the schools? Our kids are 7 and 11 and have looked at private schooling. Has anybody done any fly fishing on the Parana River? I hear the dorado are a blast.
I suggest you go down there first and check things out before doing anything drastic - rushing a decision like this could prove disasterious to you and your family.
I agree, come and see for yourself before you commit.
onthefly, if you read through enough comments on these forums you will notice that the expats living down there don't seem to be so happy with the direction things are going in Argentina. I'm in the States looking for an international place to live in part time and the more I read the more it seems like things are not what they once were a year or two ago. I'd be VERY careful and do what danc advised. Fly down solo for a week and meet up with the expats and get plenty of details about every aspect that concerns you, find out what they think - they live there, they KNOW the reality. Personally, I'm getting BIG TIME second thoughts myself.