Eye Doctor

Hi, i dont see any health forum on this site. well, does anyone have a good eye doctor to recommend? i need an eye exam, including glaucoma. someone good, not overly expensive. thanks. jerry
Hi JG,
Hereunder three options. These are highly recommended ophthalmologists from my work and from the "Obra Social Luis Pasteur". However, not sure how expensive they are. (I haven't used them)
Jorge Bar 4823-4336/4827-2890 / Carlos L. Nicoli 4816-9100 / Carlos H. Lerner 4811-0003


All the doctors that have been mentioned in this thread are excellent. Santa Lucia Hospital is public, free and excellent as well.V
"SFGirl" said:
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I think what Igor is hinting at is comparison of the words Nano and Micro......Nano being to a smaller or minute degree better than Micro. Maybe I haven't explained the pun technically well but I hope you'll understand what Igor is joking about. If you stop and think about it......it is quite amusing!!!