Farmer's Strike resumes and this time it will get worse..


Apr 16, 2008
In case any of you guys have been sleeping, stores in Balcarce are closed in support of the farmers. I don't know how soon it will be before stores in Capital Federal follows that trend. My word of advice is to stock up on EVERYTHING that you'll need. I'm also hearing words that something VERY BIG is going to happen on June 16th. This is not one of those "the sky is falling" posts either. Some of you may have remembered what happened in March/April, but this time it will be a lot worse. You have been forewarned, I've already stocked up 80% of what I need and will be completing the list by this weekend.
Something big? Could you elaborate? Another surgery for Queen Cristina?
"soulskier" said:
Something big? Could you elaborate? Another surgery for Queen Cristina?
No, but it's supposed to coincide with the holiday on the 20th that moved to the 16th. I haven't heard much about it yet, but the farmers are up to something and they're pretty hush hush about it right now.
Another coup d'etat. La Sociedad Rural and other 'golpistas' are planning on making another 30.000 dissappear
No idea, but I guess the Argentinian government prefer to have it on a Monday instead of a Friday???
Update: my fiancee's father just got back from the rural areas while working. THOUSANDS of trucks are at a halt on the routes to Santa Fe & Cordoba. Clarin is reporting that food supply is growing thin in Capital. It' also a long weekend, travel outside of Buenos Aires is going to be delayed. Better start stocking up whatever you can before it gets worse.
I think Mike's advice is very good. A truckers' strike in Spain (over fuel costs) this week led to serious food shortages in at least one major city. Prices of food doubled overnight. The trucker's relented and things are back to normal, at least for now. If the roads are blocked into the Capital here, it could be even worse...and for a lot longer than a day....I just returned from Carrefour on Santa Fe (1900). The shelves were full and there weren't any lines. Imagine how fast this could change. If there isn't a problem with food supplies, I won't have to go shopping for several weeks (at the least) can't hurt to be prepared. I hope other expats get the message in time. I wouldn't have known if not for this forum.

Thanks, Mike!
this should be fun. arrive july 2nd. for a few days. somebody please recommend a restaurant where i can get a glass of water and some day old bread.