Favor needed -- For a sick kid in the US


Nov 25, 2008
Hi all!

I'm new to this forum. My name is Patricia and I'm originally from Argentina. I lived in the US as a legal resident in the past.

I'm sending this message today because I need to send a remedy to a friend of mine who lives in the US, and whose son suffers from a serious genetic disorder -- the same as my young son does.

It's three bottles 50 ml each of Crataegus Mother Tincture. The MT is produced by a local lab called Weleda ( http://www.weleda.com.ar/ ), which is originally from Germany. The small bottles are sealed and the tincture is a 100% legal substance.

As the Argentine postal service has become public again, I fear that my shipment won't reach my friend.

I've thought that perhaps some expats in BA will be visiting their homeland in the States during the holiday season and someone would be willing to do this HUGE favor. If someone would like to cooperate on this, I will provide him or her with all the necessary information, in order to make sure that this is legitimate and it's just a matter of helping a kid who suffers from a life threatening condition, and who benefits a little bit from these Argentine drops.

I will be packing the bottles appropriately and pay for the shipment.

Thank you very much for reading!


Trish, I have some close friends visiting from California that will depart on December 19. If you don't have any better offers, PM and I am sure they would be happy to bring to help out. Suerte!

Is this the same as Agnus Cactus Mother Tincture, just sounds so similar?? My friend just sent it to me from London, are you sure you cannot buy it in the States?

Sorry if it is not the same stuff.

Good luck, Jo x
Thanks a million Soulskier for your prompt reply! I immensely appreciate your help. I will contact you back if I can't solve this issue before Dec 19. Earlier today I thought that it'd be great if this kid could get the drops before Christmas, so Dec 19 sounds great!

Jo, I'm afraid it's not the same. Anyway, thanks for your help. There are many products in the US which contain hawthorn (English for Crataegus), but this case is kind of rare -- the disease is called Cystic Fibrosis, perhaps you've heard about it --. The kid I'm trying to send this to has had some improvement in the past from these specific drops, and he hasn't had the same beneficial effect on other products involving hawthotn.

Take care,
the stuff is a "wishful thinking" patent medicine with no basis for a remedy

personally i would nt risk taking anything thru customs for someone i didnt know any package can be shrink wrapped or resealed and you maybe taking pure cocaine for all you know or heroin use your head she can send it fed ex to the usa if she wants to
diego7david, I can understand your concern, but to a certain degree. As I stated before, I can provide anyone with evidence that i won't be sending something illegal. You may want to google for "cystic fibrosis" + flavonoids, there's a specific paper written by Dr Beate Illek et al about the topic. There's a Yahoo Group called Crataegus as well, in which the role of flavonoids on Cystic Fibrosis is discussed. Crataegus or Hawthorn or Weissdorn in German contains the flavonoids cited by Dr Illek in that paper, you can find it at the German Farmacopeia for instance. I believe I know what I'm talking about. You may also want to refer to this site: http://www.augen.med.uni-giessen.de/pneumologie/PD_Elektrodenvergleich.html?m=41, Dr. Lindemann in Germany is studying Crataegus, I've contacted him in the past. I can't FedEx it, otherwise I wouldn't be asking for such a favor here.
I'm a mom of a kid who suffers from CF as well ... why should I want to be sending illegal substances to the US through someone unknown? It hardly makes sense to me ...
Have a nice day.
Diego, that is the most ridiculous thing I have heard on this board in a while, move over Stan. Yah, Trish is setting up a drug running operation on this message board, that's it.

Trish, let me know, my friends will be in BA December 9-13, then coming to Bariloche and then flying back to the States.
Soulskier, if you take items for someone else through customs, you are in serious danger.
I have a solution however, if this is genuine, and I have no reason apart from my natural scepticism, to belive it is not. Then you must purchase the medecines with her at a chemist of your own choice. This way there can be no risk of you taking anything dodgy.
Remeber at check in they always ask "has anyone asked you to carry anything" They do this for a reason.
The items are for a sick kid that needs them. I would be willing to risk good karma on this one. Trust the universe amigos!
I don't say do not do it, but please take the advice. I do not want to see someone from this forum on "banged up abroad"