Field hockey


Jan 8, 2009
This may be a longshot, but I thought I would throw it out there just in case. Does anyone know of a field hockey league or is anyone out there interested in playing? I played in college, and haven't really thought about it much until I saw a girl in the street walking with a field hockey stick. Since it's summer I thought it would be nice to play a little. So if anyone knows of something, please let me know!
Field hockey is almost the womens national school sport for almost all the bilingual private schools and many other schools in Buenos Aires. They take it very serious. I would suggest depending on you seriousness to contact one of the gym teachers at one of the bilingual schools (St Andrews Scots School or Northlands are just two that come to mind) and ask them whom to contact...
Hi all! Did anyone ever investigate this? I am totally interested in joining a league if there is one in operation...let me know if anyone is playing!!
Hi my wife used to play field hockey. There is a big inter-club league (GEBA, Ciudad, CUBA, CASI, SIC, St Catherines, Belgrano just to name the main clubs) with 6 different levels depending on age, skill, etc you should be able to find something that suits you. The main league starts in April. If you are seriuosly interested she can find out how to join some of the mentioned teams.
Good luck and start training, the girls are serious about it ;)