Film Development - prices?


Aug 20, 2008
I'm moving to Buenos Aires next year and I was wanting to find out about some good quality photographic labs that develop Medium Format Colour neg and also Slide film. Does anyone have any ideas how much they charge? And also any places that do high end/quality scanning - quality and price?
I was reading the post before about photographic shops, but I wasn't sure whether they do developing aswell. It would be great if anyone could provide me with a bit of info about this.
Yes, there are labs that do E6 processing here, but I'd have to get back to you on that because I don't have the information handy at the moment. The address is SOMEWHERE in the closet... I have to get my transparencies developed as well, but I've been too busy.
The name of the place is "Buenos Aires color"It is in 980 Piedras Street , San Telmo. ;) Always ask a local for that information.
Here's another location Kinefot S.A. at Talcahuano 244/250 (5411) 4374-7445 and they do 120's too. I've had a few 135 transparencies developed here. They also do scans to CD as well. Cost is $13 pesos for the developing and $12 pesos for a drum scan of 36 frames to CD.