Final Word on SAN TELMO (especially if you live there)


Hey.I'm pretty sure anyone would agree with you on the liveliness factor. Palermo kinda goes all night whereas most of ST is dark and silent in the middle of the night.So if you are looking for many happening scenarios at 2-5AM, you gotta roll with Palermo over ST. quote="Dudester"]Muchas Gracias Blake, that was very brave of you... and you still have your throat !!! Well, I guess the danger is more in our imaginations but I still picture San Telmo deserted at night while Palermo (Hollywood? Soho?) is packed with people having fun at night, going out to bars and restaurants. Never really having been to Palermo but can only imagine the nightly street life from what I've read...... Is it as lively as they say (or is it just more imagination going on)?? Dudester