Finding a rare product in the BA...smokeless tobacco


Feb 21, 2010
Hey yall,

I've just moved here. I've loved the city, and have everything I need...except for one thing. Smokeless tobacco, dip, chewing tobacco, snuff, plugs, I don't care what it is. I need it badly. Does anyone know where I can buy this? Thanks in advance!
I think you can get that at specialty stores, there is one on Santa Fe and Azcuenaga ( very small, next to HSBC bank, they also sell watches. You should ask there, you might be lucky.
LivinIt2thefullest, did you find any dip. I'm here looking for the same. It's funny how they don't dip in Asia, Europe, or SA, only the US. It's a terrible habit but if you're addicted what are you going to do? If anybody else knows anything please post as livinit hasn't been online in over a year.
I have quite a few tins of really good English snuff I brought with me - I can probably spare a couple and you can have it for whatever it cost me so pm me and we will take it from there - I am in Belgrano - I can also give you the link for ordering it from the UK and getting it here...
thanks johnno for the quick reply. Question, is it snuff that you snort or the kind you put in your gums?

I've got a few friends in Sweden and snuff is actually pretty popular there from what I gather - glad to see the fine old art of snuff taking hasn't died out completely - without it I don't know how I would get through a 22 hour flight to get to Argentina/etc... I'm old enough to remember still being able to smoke on some flights/with some airlines...