Finding An Agent Willing To Find Tenants In Capital Federal


May I ask feedback on a specefic question.

So if a rental agent assists you in getting a apartment for 2 years. You pay him his due.

What happens after 2 years - if you are re-renting the same apartment and the landlord wants to go via the the same agent.

Soes the agent charge the whole 'damn' fees again? Especially considering this time its just paper work and no more showing of apartments or doing any leg work? What is the exact law and what is the general practice?

Thank you.
When you renew they will "only" charge a month's worth commission. I am not quite sure about the law, but this is the custom.


Some one sent me a message asking why I don´t find a new agent. (Apologies I can´t find that
message now.) I´ve tried several BA agents and none were very effective. I don´t want to exagerate
but it´s pretty lame when a long established agency can´t get some one to post pics in an ad !

When I was able to search for tenants myself, it took much less time to find a tenant than when
I used an agency. (And one of those agencies was a hoity-toity English speaking Barrio Norte
I've had the same experience, they seem very unmotivated to rent anything, and it's not a monthly rental payment they get a lump sum for the 2 year rental commission, we're not asking them to mange it which would be a monthly fee. If you find anyone msg me!!!!