Finding an apartment that is not so noisy or dirty...........


I am glad my tips were of help :) I have been working in real estate for a year or so. If I was moving to another country: i would rent something for tow weeks, and then I would shop around, push your real estate agent to show you only the things that meet your criteria ( you don´t want to visit 100 places! ) Sometimes R.e. agents want to seel what they want, not what YOU want.


"SFGirl" said:
Another hint...... Make sure they are not in the street prostitute part of town (trolas). I had that happen once to my surprise in a very nice part of town. They were everywhere!
Dear SFGirl:
Please, don't think I'm laughing about your problem because searching for aparts, houses or whatever like that, that's not an easy stuff in this city. Actually I have been looking for almost one and half year before to find what I really wanted (Paternal neighborhood).
But I'm laughing to die about you writing style:"... Make sure they are not in the street prostitute part of town (trolas).
Yes, SFgirl.... I figure out when you write in past (they were...) you moved on or you are living in (maybe former) red Palermo neighborhood where women and transexual prostitutes were a problem specially on Godoy Cruz street. I have been riding on bus (colectivo) around there and I was noticed "trolas" moved on the Bosques de Palermo area.
About Colegiales neighborhood, I guess you are maybe meaning Chacarita Cemetery area... I think there are many brand new buildings there, at least when I was searching 7 years ago...
À côté de Colegiales, we haveVilla Urquiza neighborhood. It's nicer and quieter but my point of view is in Villa Urquiza everything runs better if you have your own transportation.
Good luck!!!


Get an appartement on the 10th floor or something and keep your windows closed because if you open them you will still hear the noice.
You will be fucked with a huge fire though


Just if your interested:
Two friends of mine gave me their keys to rent their 1 bedroom apartments. Both are quiet and NOT on very busy streets. They are also both newly remodeled with Internet, TV....everything.
Take care,