Finding Apartments Elsewhere


Mar 11, 2009
Hi There. I know this is a forum for Buenos Aires expats but I am looking to base myself in Santa Fe when I come next summer, around Rosario or San Lorenzo. I was just wondering if there are any websites or good estate agents that anyone knows about that deal in property in that area. English speaking or bi lingual would be fine.

Thanks for your help
Try this site
But do not buy or rent just from the pictures, they are rarely truly representative. Also what I found was that a lot of the stuff on there is already gone, nobody keeps internet sites up to date here.
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I found several great places using craigs list when I first arrived 18 months ago, but I know not everyone's experience was the same. Your best bet is find a place but only rent for one week. Once you are on the ground, you will find it a lot easier. Always remember that Argentines have become well practiced at spotting foreigners and charging them rediculous. Rosario is a nice small city and rents should be dirt cheap. Good luck.
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