Fold and Wash


Hi again. I was wondering if anyone had experience with a quality fold and wash company that will pick up and deliver laundry? Any recommendations would be great.




5asec aren't bad but pricey compared to other options.

It really depends on where you live, might be easier to just scout your local area and keep your eyes peeled.


There's one in every barrio, on every couple of blocks in fact. As far as I know places only do pick up and delivery within a few block radius, so you'll have to scope around near your apartment and try a few out to see who you like. Most work under the banner of larger companies, LavaYa, 5aSec (which is really more of a tintoreria service), there's one called Merval, there's another called LavaRap etc. Just walk around your neighbourhood and you'll find one and try a few different and then ask about their valet service.