Food Revolution Summit -- April 30 - May 8, 2016

Between now and 2050, a global switch to diets that rely far less on meat and far more on vegetables, fruits, and other plant foods could not only save up to 8 million lives per year, and reduce food-related greenhouse gas emissions by two-thirds. Such a change would also save, in reduced health care costs and reduced costs from climate change, up to $31 trillion.

Does that sound like the wild-eyed claim made by some group with a vegetarian agenda? It’s actually the conclusions of a major new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States.
Bill would allow potentially harmful pesticides to be sprayed ten meters from homes.
What definitely should be declared illegal and immoral is the unauthorized and unsupervised spraying of a mixture of glyphosate and other pesticides within even 100 meters of people's homes .This is what was happening in the Chaco due to non-compliance of federal and provincial laws by criminal private local spray companies of which I have personal knowledge..
".....a company largely reviled for profiteering off the backs of many a South American country".
Please,please.There have been some cases of discussion of profit with Monsanto in Brazil not in Uruguay or Paraguay..Most importantly,the only case of this type of harm has been only in the Chaco where it was most probably due to an illegal misuse.
Hopefully,Bayer will go ahead with their USD 62 billion purchase of Monsanto will be a German multinational not a US one with this "progressive" headache.
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Where Trump and Clinton Stand on Food: A Special Report by John Robbins

The PlantPure Summit begins Wednesday, Sept 7 at 11:00am BA time with six speakers daily for ten days.
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What is the healthiest diet?