Food Revolution Summit -- April 30 - May 8, 2016

I attended the Vegan Expo at Palais Rouge yesterday, and it's worth a look if you've been searching for vegan products. Representatives are there to talk about the products which you can purchase on the spot.

DELI&RAW - crackers and cookies from seeds, vegetables, fruits, and herbs.
YIN YANG from Dietetica Cientifica started in 1972 - organic seeds, beans, grains, etc.
ECODERM is a line of cosmetics that are 100% certified natural and organic
ORGRAN is a line of products without gluten, without wheat, without eggs, without milk products, without GMO, for vegans: rice, corn, quinoa, buckwheat, mijo, chia and pizza pastry mix, brownie mix, and cookies, etc.
DR. CACAO has natural chocolate 70%, 75% and more
GODBLESS produces coconut oil in two options.
ECOLOGICAL TIME is another line of cosmetics for vegans including a gluten free lipstick in 8 colors. I'm going to try their product with sun protection UVB 30 and avoid the chemicals in the one I've used for years.
PSA makes water purifiers for kitchen and shower. A rep is going to visit me next week.
Juliana's Animal Sanctuary from Colombia is there selling t-shirts. I like the one that says: why love one (a dog) and eat the other (a pig)?

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says THINK BEFORE YOU EAT. Right now animals are being mutilated, abused, and confined to tiny enclosures for the meat, egg, and dairy industries. It's the reason I changed my lifestyle to veganism.

I'm attending today's program and buying more products at the Expo.
Thanks to someone who posted a video about the treatment of farm animals on this forum, I made a lifestyle change to veganism and a whole-food plant based diet with no animal products.

VEGAN 2016 -- THE FILM: A Growing Movement Under Attack
I just read about the Plant-Based Transformation Summit that began March 28 until April 10, with two speakers each day.
Heal your body, Lose weight, and feel your energy soar.

The Food Revolution Summit 2017 begins April 29 until May 7.
Lifestyle Medicine Summit
34-min video about the summit

today we get music on I-tunes
we shop on Amazon
we watch movies on Netflix
only one industry has been disrupted yet...
health care.
Plant Fit Summit
Sept 1-10, 2017

Here’s a video that explains how the summit works. It introduces you to the speakers and gives you access to the schedule:

Our hope is that this summit will help you to combine health and fitness so you can live your life to the fullest... Free of disease, full of energy and all while saving the planet.