Forstering European Immigration



Thinking about this site a few days ago, I looked up Article 25 of the Argentinian Constitution, which reads as follows:
"Artículo 25- El Gobierno Federal fomentará la inmigración europea; y no podrá restringir, limitar ni gravar con impuesto alguno la entrada en el territorio argentino de los extranjeros que traigan por objeto labrar la tierra, mejorar las industrias, e introducir y enseñar las ciencias y las artes. "
An informal translation would read something like this " Article 25 - The Federal Government will foster European Immigration; and will be unable to restrict, limit or in any way tax the entry into Argentinian Territory of those foreign nationals whose objective is to farm, improve the industries, or introduce and teach the sciences and arts."
Have the Europen expats on this site experienced any actual advantage in your immigration procedures?
I am truly interested in knowing.
Thank you!
You should think within the context, 1820sss Argentina was in huge need of europeans to work the land develop the industries, and so on.
While you may be right, when the constitution was modified in 1994, article 25 was discussed and re-confirmed!