Free Apartment in Palermo Hollywood


Sep 3, 2008
I have a 700 sq. ft. apartment in Palermo Hollywood and I need a dog lover to stay and watch my pooch. The dog is a lab and is 10 years old and is very sweet and needy. I want a person that will sleep at the apartment every night and will not be out from dusk 'till dawn. The reason for this is that my other dog just passed away a week ago, and I am stressed about leaving the dog alone. I also want a person that will keep the house clean and will take the dog for walks during the day.I need a house/dog sitter from Oct. 3 to Oct. 21 and possibly a few days longer. I am offering the apartment for free in exchange for someone to really love the dog - that is my main concern.I look forward to any replies. I can also be reached at [email protected]
did you find anyone yet?
i just joined this website today- i am interested and would like to help with your dog as i am in need of an apartment at the moment!
let me know,
thank you