free spanish classes at SAE


Dec 13, 2005
SAE Buenos Aires Clubhouse Events - June 15 -June 22

Lunfardo Presentation
Thursday, June 15th 7:30pm
If porteño Spanish has got you puzzled at times, this slangy argot of the Spanish language spoken in Buenos Aires is no doubt part of the reason why. Come find out about the fascinating origins and usages of this dialect from Spanish teacher and native porteño Gastón Mazieres. Free and open to all!

Spanish Conversation Class
Thursday, June 22nd, 7pm
For those of you who attended the last fortnightly class and almost died of excessive laughter, we apologize but cannot guarantee your continued survival after you hear the topic of this week's class: porteño piropos (pick-up lines) and how to fend them off.
Free and open to all but please RSVP to reserve a place. 4861-7571, [email protected]

How to Find Us:
We are located at Salguero 553 just off of Av. Corrientes in Almagro. If you are taking the subte, we are just one block from the Medrano stop on the B line. Buses 168, 160, 151, 128, and 19 stop right outside our door.

Opening hours:
Mon - Thurs 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, Fri + Sat 1:00 - 5:00 pm, closed Sun
Is it still possible to do this? My spanish has always been considered good..until I got here that is. Half the time I think I,m in Italy because it all sounds so Italian to me. I am very interested in learning how to decipher the local dialect.
yes, we still do the free conversation classes every other thursday. there is one tonight but i guess it already started (i am currently in NY). the week after next then...