Free Spanish Classes: Guinea Pigs needed for Language Program


Oct 28, 2005
Looking for beginner and intermediate Spanish students who want to increase their language skills. We have developed a fun new audio/visual program for learning Spanish on your iPod or iPhone and need a few testers to give us good feedback.

The focus test can be done from anywhere and will require 2-3 sessions of no more than 30 minutes each.

Participants will get the entire program for free when it is released in 4-6 weeks.

Please forward to friends who might be interested.

Email: [email protected]
Sounds interesting,
Where are you based? I may not have much time to get to you as I teach in the week but if you can send it as an attachment I`m happy to help.
I think my Spanish is intermediate level. I should mention that I leave for Patagonia on Saturday so would have to get started before then.
hiya my name is david i m ipod ready and have lots of spanish words at my command some present tense and not much else am ready to try to learn and am somewhat a techy so would enjoy learning, testing and giving feed back to you about your new program murbach at

Interesting! I'm a still beginer in Spanish. Took 3 weeks intensive Spanish classes here and enjoying a little break. Email me if this is still on going. Chau!