free spanish conversation classes and language exchange


Jul 15, 2008
Hi everyone,
I've noticed that a lot of people are looking for conversation exchange so I just wanted to pass the word around that the school I work at has 1) free Spanish convo class every Wed 2) every friday convo class + social event with the English students (okay, this one isn't free but it's only $20 pesos....and I believe it's half off or free if you go with a them and check) 3) free language partner exchange program (very similar to that conversation exchange website except the person you're matched up with is one of their English students...kind of like a blind date that your friends sets you up on instead of a website).

Anyway, people keep asking so I just wanted to get the word out about these free opportunities!

Place: LV Studio (near the Palermo subway station)
find them on facebook: LV Studio Spanish & English Classes