French classes


Aug 27, 2009
Does anyone know of any intense French courses offered year round? I know there are cultural centers that offer classes but they operate with the school year here and I didnt arrive in time to take last semester's course. Plus, I'll be traveling in next couple of months off and on so I dont want a fixed schedule that lasts 3-4 months.

Have plenty of time on my hands and already fluent in Spanish, so looking to become trilingual. Plenty of French speakers in the city to practice with too!
I can teach you french if you want ;o)

Seriously, did you check at "l alliance francaise" in the micro centro in Cordoba street. It s the french cultural center and you ll get all the informations and more about our language, culture, events ...


If you want a private teacher, I know of a good one. If you want her contact details let me know in pm and I'll send them.
I was also going to suggest L'Alliance Francaise. There are also sedes in Belgrano & Palermo. I don't know where you are staying. Looking at their website they do personalized classes. So maybe you could work something out in your time frame.

If anyone wants to meet up to speak French, I need to practice before my French evaporates! ;D

You probably know this but together with a couple of others I organise a french conversation group every monday. A bunch of us (canadian/french/argentine) meet to speak & pratice the language...

We change locations but generally we meet at bars in the Palermo region
(usually Bar 6 on Armenia 1676 but sometimes it changes)
The cost is whatever we choose to consume at the bar..

We are also planning other activities (mostly cultural).

If it is of interest to you or others let me know ... I haven´t posted anything on this forum yet about it.

Ryoga: Frañol sounds interesting BTW. And it looks like it is bi-weekly and it takes place on different days, so no overlap----
No! I didn't know that. That would be great. It would be good to see you again (it's been ages!!!) and I need to practice before I forget everything.
Let me know when/where, etc.
Club Europeo has a French conversation group every Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm.
Hi Mini:

Yes it´s been a long time... :)
would be great to see you at the meeting--
It´s a nice group, and a bit closer to Palermo...

It looks like it will be at Bar 6 again next monday: Armenia 1676 - betw. El Salvador & Honduras, Palermo Soho. from 8 pm.

but will re-confirm by saturday....
À plus,

It´s been confirmed:

French Conversation Group at Bar 6 again tomorrow monday:

Bar 6
Armenia 1676 -
betw. El Salvador & Honduras,
Palermo Soho. from 8 pm.
It´s not a substitute for classes, but it´s an opportunity to practice

Á plus....