Full Time in Belgrano no DNI Needed


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Spanish fluency is not required for all positions.
English fluency for some.
Expats without DNI are recomended to send information.
Ligitimate job - no application or other fee.
Wages are BA competive.
We are seeking:
Customer Services
Account Coordinators
Marketing professionals
IT Professionals - Project Manager, Director, Systems Analyst, Programers, SQL Analyst and Assistants.
Strong work ethic, smart, and client centric.
Good group of persons to work with.
Please send resume and cover letter along with salary requirements to resumes@vmbc.com.
Again this is posting for very real positions. Please check out our website at:


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Hello, I just sent my resume to resumes@vmbc.com . Will I receive a respose saying that it was received? I really need a job like this. My experience goes excellent with these positions.