Furniture Restoration?


Jul 15, 2008
I have three antique cabinets in my dining room that need to be restored a bit. They are French and about 100 years old. Their brass needs to be taken off, polished, and replaced. The wood needs to be cleaned and polished (I don't think it necessarily needs to be stripped and varnished).
Any recommendations would be appreciated.
That's pretty vague.

I know a girl who has a degree in art restoration. She has worked on the Teatro Colon and is currently working on a Basilica in the microcenter, but that doesn't necessarily help you.

Describe the work needed and maybe someone can help.
I would strongly recommend you not strip them! You will ruin them & they will lose all value they might once have had. I can't help you find someone to do the work for you. But if you are interested I can give you the address of a place where you can learn to do it yourself. If you are interested, let me know.
we have bought some old furniture in "la rueda" in Rivadavia, when you choose them they look torn and in a bad shape, but they restore them really nicely. They have whole team of restaurateurs. I don't know if they will restore furniture you didn't buy there, but maybe it is worth a try?
good luck!