Future expatriate from Colorado


May 25, 2008
Hi all,I am planning a move to BsAs to do a little work and a whole lot of photography, maybe both at the same time. I am going to be needing a ton of advice, and hope to find it here.I'm 40 years old, unmarried, and have decided to spend the second half of my life in the rest of the world. I have my TEFL certification and years of experience in both ISO Quality Assursance, Project Management, and SEO (Yes, sorry, that was in case anyone "happened" to know of someone looking for thaT. Last time, promise)As I said before. I love photography and can't wait to cover Buenos Aires as Atget did Paris, street by street, but with the people included.Looking forward to participating in the forum, and meeting you all when I get to BsAs. The goal is before the end of the year, after I tie up the loose ends here.Take care,Eric
Laotzu., you will love BsAs in those terms. There are endless subjects to photograph. I am sure you will find this whole country rich of photo resources. There are even some photogs on this website. As you travel outside of the city, as the people welcomes you warmer the scenic view becomes spectacular. Not sure what time of the year you are coming over but make sure you bring the right gear going to the south. Good luck and happy picture taking.
Greetings and good luck with the transition. From one Coloradoan (not sure about the spelling of that term) to another, be sure to bring your patience and all the electronic equipment you think you will need. I moved to BA in Nov. 07 to experience the life, culture, language, family of my native girlfriend. I have definitely seen a whole new way of life here in the ciy, as it is a sharp contrast to the rockies. I hope you will take advantage of the breathtaking landscape of the Andes, especially to the south-west / Patagonia region. I found Esquel and San Martin de los Andes to be truly awe-inspiring areas. Pristine mtn. lakes / rivers / and misty mountain tops truly made me feel "at home".
Due to financial difficulties, I will be returning to the states this July. It will be hard to be away from the one I love, but unfortunately we cannot live without money. Even as poor as the economy may be in the U.S, it is more promising than my futile job search has been down here.
If you need any specific advice regarding what to bring / what to leave behind / and many other needs, I'm sure you will recieve a myriad of responses from this site. Feel free to send a private note, as I am happy to help in any way I can.
Suerte...hasta proximo !!!