Oct 7, 2007
Hi All,

I was just told that I could have a garantia if I would like to. But now I am thinking, is it really a big advantage to have one?

From different posts in this forum I understand that garantia allows you to sign a long term 24 months contract for an unfurnished apartment (I do not know if this is a rule but from what I read this is a practice). And then you have to furnish it and pay bills every month and at the end it is not that much cheaper than short term rentals (that of course give you more flexibility).

Is that correct?

I would not like to commit to 24 months rent…. Let say I am willing to sign for 12 months and I would like to have a furnished apartment. Do you think I could find a good deal using this garantia? And if yes, where to find it?

Thanks in advance for your insights.
Hi,the problem with the "garantia" can be a big problem but in real it is a s-h-i-t paper and nothing more because the "garantia" includes normally a property of your own !!So if you will have your own property why you should rent a apartment ??? But it is so - don't ask for the background idea because it is stupid :D
But I can tell you that I have a long term (24 month) contract for my apartment since 1 year without to have that s-h-i-t paper. It is possible to get this but surely not through a shark real estate company !!! So if you would like to have a long term contract you should go directly through the owner of the apartment. Normally it will work only with the information that you are willing to pay the cash for rent in front up to 1 year amount.For me - I pay every 6 month in front but I had a recommendation of an Argentinian person (where I was living before) too. So with this it would be much easier :)The contract is declared on my own name and with my passport number (NOT DNI !!!!) *yeahhhh* bye alex