Gay in BA?

Hello All,

Any gay, lesbian or gay friendly folk on this board? I'm thinking of arranging a "pink drink" for expats and their local friends in the next few months, just trying to guage whether this would be worth doing. Thinking maybe Sitges or similar.

Lemme know if anyone is interested in attending if I did go ahead.

Hello Guys,

Thanks for your responses and I've had a few private notes too. I think this might be a goer. I'm thinking of late next week or the week after. Early evening drinks?

Any suggestions where we might go? I'm happy to arrange but would value suggestions on suitable venues. Does anyone have a favourite local haunt? If not, not to worry, I'll just choose somewhere and send out a note on Friday.

I wish that I could attend this meet-up but unfortunately, I'm not moving to BA until February :(

I've asked this question before but I received mixed responses; how is gay life in BA?

Any comments/advice would be welcome!

Paulk said:
how is gay life in BA?
late, to say the least! Sitges (the busiest bar) only opens around 11pm, and only really starts to get busy around 1am on the weekends. The clubs open around 1-2am (Thur-Sun) and are really busy on the weekends. Overall - gay life is great - plenty of people and places to go - just got be up for a late night.

ps - count me in for the pink drink