Generation Z and Argentine Election


You did indeed understand my point -- enjoy the ride. I have been doing so, off and on, for over 45 years. I no longer empathize with the locals as I once did. Of course, some of the politicians and some of the wealthy share responsibility for the sorry state of affairs. So do others, e.g., the media (though this is redundant as they are controlled by the wealthy, union leaders (also wealthy via corruption), the students/youth who fail to generate serious political reform, a citizenry that accepts a villa 31 as the norm.
I'm not sure who else or what institutions (e.g. the church) are at fault for the chronic inability of Argentina to generate greater economic well-being for its populace. I'm not claiming expertise, but I believe a good starting point would be to revise labor laws (and perhaps tax structure), facilitate importation, invest in infrastructure, and eliminate all subsidies for people who do not need or deserve them.
Agree with the need to enjoy life though with an eye to some future consequences. If we simply burn fossil fuels on a joy ride through life then our grandchildren (and especially more vulnerable peoples near the sea) will suffer the consequences? People with much bigger spending power have more opportunity to do harm or good. Argentina has grotesque economic inequalities compared to most countries and those with almost all the wealth have some responsibility (in my opinion) to try and improve economy and society for those who have very little of anything, if only because the desperate man with the gun could come calling.