Georgians in BsAs unite...


Mar 10, 2007
Howdy, I'm just curious if there are any other ex-pats here in BsAs who hail from Georgia (US) like me? I'm an Atlantan native, living here in the city for two months now, with a bit to go. Always looking to meet my fellow southerners abroad. Adios
Hello Christopholous,
Although I am just contemplating moving to BsAs, I was raised in Atlanta but have been in California for the last two+ decades. It's sorta exciting to see that a fellow "HotLantan" made BsAs a reality. Is this the first time you've lived abroad? How are you getting along and handling the Latin Culture? I know I should get off the fence and just go ahead and come down to BsAs like I keep threatening to do. When and what convinced you to "Just Do It'?

On a different note, thinking of Atlanta just made me hungry for the Varsity or a famous foot-long from Zestos (are they still around?) How about Pitty Pat's Porch? I haven't been back to Atlanta for way too long!

Jack aka Flowbear