getting started early on move to BA


Nov 2, 2009
Hello everyone. My wife and I are planning on moving to BA in the 2nd half of 2010 from San Francsico and I was hoping to get started on some of the regulatory aspects. My wife is an argentine and I was wondering if any of you in similar situations could shed some light (or link to previous pertinent threads) on how to go about getting a DNI and getting legal. We're spending this December down there and I didn't know if there was anything I could do before our actual move.

Also would love to get info on: watching NBA/NFL games (Warriors, Packers), good real estate sites (we're looking at buying in San Isidro/Martinez area) and also any BA wedding planning advice (we're having our long-delayed wedding reception next November).

I came here(from England)in a similar situation,Argentine girlfriend(now wife as we married here,civil),and the main thing is to make sure all of your documents,birth cert,marriage,etc etc are stamped officially at your end.It took nearly 2 years to get my DNI here(extranjero)so you need to be patient too!!We lived in San Isidro and are now in Boulogne(partido de San Isidro).I am sure you,ll receive replies from folks who,ve experienced the same situation, so you,ll be able to be well prepared.Good luck to you both
You can apply for permanent residency at the Argentine consulate in SF. You will apply for the DNI (national identity card) after you arrive in BA. By then the "new system" should be up and running and it shouldn't take very long to receive your DNI.

You will need your passport, birth certificate, and a US criminl report (FBI) as well as your marriage certificate and your wife's DNI.

The consulate can explain everything regarding certification and translation of doccuments.

It should be fairly simple and straigtforward...perhaps even more so in the US than in BA.
Make sure you get your documents apostiled in your home country before you leave. And don't do it too early - some of the documents (like background check) have a lifetime. I don't remember what the time limits are for which document, but if you get that done too early, it won't be valid when you go through the process.

Also, I would suggest a lawyer. I posted here about the process I'm going through:

I am married to a Paraguayan who has her DNI. It took her almost two years to get her DNI, but she did everything herself, full of problems and bashing-head-on-wall frustrations. We decided to get a lawyer (referred from a friend of mine who had used him) for me after all that.

Much shorter and easier time to get through the process.