Getting together


Sep 22, 2007
Hello everyone,

My husband and I are in BA again for three weeks in May. We would love to get together with some expats for either lunch or dinner. I think we have finally found an apartment in Belgrano off of Avenida Cabildo.

Let me know your thoughts.
my name is Michelle, I have lived in Belgrano for 8months now, love it here! where abouts did you rent? I live in Nunez which is right off Cabildo as well. I am from New Jersey, since I live here if you need any assistance let me know. I am pretty well versed on the city, have had a ton of family and friends come visit.

I can recommend some real estate offices as well if you`d like with contacts?

Hello Michelle,

Thank you for your response. We rented off Cabildo on Congresso near the Congresso De Tucamen Subte. My husband already booked a place but thanks for your offer. It was a bit difficult coordinating airline dates with available apartment rentals with high speed internet.

You must speak very good Argentine by now. I am learning little by little :) We live in New Hampshire having recently moved from Massachusetts and my husbands family are all Argentine (he was born in Madrid). Perhaps some time we can get a group together. We did that last time we came down through the Argentina Forum Travel Sur and it was great fun. We are interested in knowing how Americans seem to adjust.

Thanks again.
Thank you, but the agency we rented from has arranged for our pick-up to our apartment.