Getting USD?


Jun 2, 2008
Hola todosI need to get hold of 2000USDDoes anyone know a bank or currency exchange where I can buy USD using a credit card or debit card? Have asked in a couple of banks without much success. Gracias!jp
superville bank on charcas y salguero. they are very flexible and tourist freindly
The A.T.M which I alway's use near Plaza Italia always offers the option to withdraw dollars as well as pesos. I know I have a $300 a.r / draw limit but regarding dollard, I don't know. Most 'Link' and 'Visa Plus' sites will allow dollars. You shouldn't have a problem.. Last resort.. Bring over $6000 ar. to an "exchange house" and turn it into dollars.
go to the counter of the above named bank with a mastercard or visa card and take out what you need in either currency,ps bring your passport
Lots of machines have the option to withdraw dollars, but I'm yet to find one that actually dispenses them.Tried at superville. Checked at the entrance, was told passport and bank card would be fine. Queued up for an hour, and was then told that I couldn't have dollars because I wasn't a client and didn't hold an account there. Very reluctant to repeat this miserable experience at another bank - is this a blanket policy? No service without an account? Fair enough if so, just don't want to waste any more time. Not sure who made the decision to limit withdrawals to 500 pesos a day, but they need to have their heads examined....
jp, every expat has had the withdrawal limit amount problem cross their way in one form or another. It is just the way the banks here make their money (or banks in general for that matter).
I think the dollar withdrawal facility at the ATM is only for customers with a dollar account at that particular bank. Incidentally, if you wire dollars from an overseas account to your dollar account here, they get changed from dollars to pesos and then back to dollars by central bank...
I know that some local banks will let you buy dollars online if you are a client ( up to 20k )
I will say this again .......The branch of superville on Salguero and charcas will let you use your credit card(visa or Mastercard) at the counter (please bring your passport)
This does not mean that any branch of superville will do this.JUST THE ONE I MENTIONED. So in short if you go into a branch of superville that is NOT on charcas and salguero and they don't give you any money,Blame your teachers or your parents for making you stupid stuborn or Both
I was having the same problem a few months ago. I finally found a place that lets you get up to $5000 USD per month out in cash using your debit or credit card. It's Banco Piano on San Martin 345 (near Florida). Just make sure to take your passport.